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Customer relationship management thesis

Customer relationship management thesis

customer relationship management thesis

Thesis On Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management As A Philosophy. Peter Drucker, a well-renowned management consultant, stated that "The Customer Relationship in Tourism Industry. Crm: Customer Relationship Management. Abstract CRM (Customer Relationship Management) The main concept of this thesis is customer relationship management, commonly known abbreviation CRM. In this by the CRM is mainly thesis analyzed from a process point of view, where a goal is to create the necessary elements for customer relationship management and customer interaction The objective of this thesis was to find out how a good customer service and relationship management could be essential to the customer satisfaction and the growth of the organisations. The study report analyses the benefits of a good customer service and the relationship management in achieving the customer satisfaction

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Introduction and Problem Statement Review of Literature Methodologies and Procedures Used in the Study Discussions, Conclusions, Recommendations Introduction and Problem Statement Traveling by air has become more convenient than ever before. The airline industry has reached a critical point in time when critical decisions must be made. Many new airline companies have swamped the market and it is the customer who decides whether the airline company will earn profits or not; and finally whether it will survive or disappear from the skies.

Relationship towards the customer is considered to be one of the most important objectives for every airline in order to optimize customer loyalty and revenues. Despite the latest trends in airline Marketing and Management, customer relationship management thesis, one of the most powerful keys of success in every company is using the power of relationships to achieve high performance. Shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect among the employees are necessary preconditions of success.

The Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to present the essentials of Customer Relationship Management as well as basic Airline Marketing and Managerial tools and strategies that are inevitable for conducting successful airline business. At the same time the purpose of the study is to evaluate the situation in the private Slovak airline company- Air Slovakia.

The study will try to help the company to realize the importance of customer satisfaction in the highly competitive air transportation environment and apply a modern conceptions of Airline Marketing and Customer Relationship Management into practice.

Problem Statement Only those airlines which manage to estimate trends and risks in the airline business, and adapt the activities to the needs of customers are becoming leaders in the industry. Successful airlines customer relationship management thesis that the principles of marketing provide a framework for all they do, and set out to apply these principles as widely and as rigorously as possible.

Review of Literature The literature for the thesis consists of four main pillars written by experts in the fields of Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and Airline Marketing and Management. The additional information were extracted from Web sites of many airline companies, customer relationship management thesis, articles from economy magazines, periodical published on the Internet and case studies of successful airlines. One of the most reputable publications and texts about marketing is written by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong.

Their publication called simply Marketing is considered to be a Bible of marketing. The most important parts from this textbook are about new relationships towards the customers, pointed marketing strategies, and tools for obtaining competitive advantage. Another pillar for the thesis is the publication called Řízení vztahú se zákazníky- Customer relationship management thesis Relationship Management written by Vít Chlebovský. However, the most valuable publication for the thesis was Airline Marketing and Management written by Stephen Shaw in Stephen Shaw is Managing Director of SSA Ltd, UK, a firm specializing in providing courses in marketing and economic to airlines and aerospace firms, located at Chinnor, Oxford, England.

The author has been writing in the field of aviation management for a customer relationship management thesis time. His book remains an excellent introduction to the modern management of an airline. The essence of the thesis is based on recommendations from this text. The publication is focused on relationships within the company, among the employees with the stress on shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.

Other pieces of information were obtained from local magazines, newspapers and periodical published on the Internet as well as web sites of Air Slovakia and web sites of other relevant airline companies. Modern marketing conception can be resumed into 3c: - Customer Benefits - Total Customer Cost - Convenience Management Internal External marketing Marketing Employees Customers Relationship Marketing CRM cannot be realized without next three basic aspects: 1- Change of thinking of all employees is inevitable, however not satisfying 2- Measurement of the reached level of CRM processes — feedback 3- Absolutely need for using of modern IT tools that will assure the effective functioning of relationship marketing Chlebovský, V.

Based on several publications regarding marketing and CRM; I am going to present five components of marketing tools, directed directly at potential customers of airline companies — the passengers.

Customer relationship management thesis company exists for customer relationship management thesis particular goals and roles. At first there is an aim for which the firm was established. Apparently easy questions are sometimes difficult to answer, for example: What is the subject of the entrepreneurship, who is our customer or what does our customer value about our company? Mission of the company explains the meaning and purpose of the entrepreneurship.

It is a statement of what the company wants to achieve. Kotler; Armstrong; Marketing policies of service-selling businesses Services are little bit different from tangible product and therefore require using of other marketing techniques.

In the service-sector there is a necessary interaction between customer and the employee who performs the service. This interaction has to be effective in order to assure the competitive advantage. This effectiveness depends on the qualification and the capabilities of employees who offer the service directly to the customers. There is a chain of relationships between the quality of service and the profit. What are their actual needs and how to measure it?

How to find out and measure the satisfaction? How to measure it? Their fulfillment leads to a proportional growth of satisfaction. Chlebovský, V. Positioning as a tool means to store the information about advantages of the brand or the company and their divergences in the minds of customers comparing to other competitive brands and competitors.

Customers usually choose product that offers them the highest value. Complex positioning of the brand which means value proposition of the brand presents an aggregate of all value features, customer relationship management thesis, on which the positioning is being build.

The customer must know what he is going to get when buying particular product or service. Kotler; Armstrong; Company in the Global Environment When a company operates in international and global markets they have to consider several things which are important for the effective operation.

Among these things are: Internet and the respect of different cultures and nationalities of customers, customer relationship management thesis. Internet Influenced by many new technologies, especially Internet, customer relationship management thesis, customer relationship management thesis go through a radical transformation that can be called the new industrial revolution. Companies of the 21st century must adapt to operation through the worldwide web of Internet.

E-business, e-commerce, and e-marketing are the tools, which the company can use to sell its products through the Internet and services through and at the same time promote and advertise itself internationally in an easy, cheap and convenient way.

People from different cultures have their own customs, norms, customer relationship management thesis even taboos. Before a company enters market in a different culture it has to figure out how their products will be perceived by the local people. The emphasis is on the service to the customer — not only to offer and sell one product but the complex service the product is one part of. Therefore it can be said that marketing is a dynamic discipline where customer requirements are in a constant state of development and change.

Airline industry is an environment where changes occur continuously, therefore successful air carriers are able to anticipate changes as well as prepare and be ready when it occurs.

Unsuccessful airlines are those who wait for change to take place and then try to customer relationship management thesis to the new standards. A reactive approach instead of proactive approach. It is a mean of differentiation of airlines from their competitors in the eyes of customers. The optimum balance is determined by the maximum profit of both sides. The key roles of CRM installing into practice are: - Change of view of the business contract with customer relationship management thesis customer.

There is a need to come from a short tightened individual contract to the perception of cooperation in a long run. It means that what truly matters is the customer, not the product. They do not care of anything except the price. For example, customer relationship management thesis, passenger traveling from Bratislava to London can chose one of two air carriers — SkyEurope Airlines or Ryanair.

With different air carriers, passengers have a choice of flying different classes of service. Generally, many traditional airlines like British Airways, South African Airways, Emirates or Qantas operate three-class services on their long-haul flights: First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Air Slovakia also offers only two-class service - their Boeing s are configured for 14 Business Class seats and Economy Class seats.

Business travelers chose the airline company mostly according to particular conditions, such as preferred departure airport, flight timings or frequent flyers programs which offer significant incentives such as free tickets or upgrade to a higher service class.

Both, Business and Leisure travelers often buy their tickets through travel agency, therefore airlines should either operate its own travel agency or keep good relationships with travel agents through promotions.

This can be performed through in-flight surveys or questionnaires. Thus the airlines customer relationship management thesis find out what factors are the most important for their permanent customers. The most important criteria according to the Corporate Travel Survey carried out annually by IATA — International Air Transport Association are these: Frequency and Timings — important especially for business travelers who want to manage their business trip within one day.

This factor is vital not only to business passengers whose delayed flights can lead to the loss of confidence, customer relationship management thesis, but also for the leisure travelers who are coming back from holiday and a delay extending 24 hours for customer relationship management thesis can seriously injure the relationship with their employer because the customer relationship management thesis are expected to come to work and they would miss it because of the delayed flight.

Air Slovakia is known for its proverbial lateness which seriously damages its reputation. Frequent Flyer Benefits. Frequent Flyer Programs help to build loyalty towards an airline company. It is also a decisive factor when choosing air carrier. In-Flight Service. Even it may seem that service on short-hauls flights is not important, on the contrary it can be very important.

Particularly, business travelers can appreciate a separate Business Class cabin, for example. Separated cabin can help to create a truly working environment where a businessperson can prepare for a meeting away from crying children and with higher comfort conditions. There is also a need for good meals and drinks appropriate to the time of the day.

Contoh Implementasi Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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customer relationship management thesis

This thesis is aimed to affirm superiority of Coca-Cola Company and to find out its shortcomings in managing customer relationships based on studying the customer relationship management strategy for Coca-Cola Company and discussing the comparison between Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, and then put forward the corresponding strategies to solve the problems Thesis On Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management As A Philosophy. Peter Drucker, a well-renowned management consultant, stated that "The Customer Relationship in Tourism Industry. Crm: Customer Relationship Management. Abstract CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management: Cross-functional processes involving people and technology that aim at achieving continued partnership with customers in all customer contact points with personalized services that increase customer satisfaction. Customer S

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